Baby Kate

I’m excited to introduce you to my Valentine baby, Kate. Although I am not featured in many of these photos, other than a reflection or two, it was a very exciting day for me as well. From my perspective, pregnancies are an interesting thing. I watched my wife bond with this child growing inside of her, day after day. The closer we came to the due date the more in love with this little girl she became. Every little kick was an event, and reading about the stages of her development would consumer her mind. I, on the other hand, was aware of a child growing inside of her, but my connection to the baby was little to none. I would feel the kicks and give a small smile, however the first kick felt a lot like the 900th kick. Don’t get me wrong, I was, and am, a very supportive husband, just emotionally I was in it for my wife.
However, the moment the baby is pulled out and starts crying, something changes. Things begin to get very real. While Baby Kate was being weighed and vital signs were monitored, my eyes got tight and it became harder and harder to keep my emotions in check. I now have this instant bond to this little girl that I have been entrusted with and am expected to care for.  It is a feeling beyond explanation. So although I might not appear to be a part of this birth story, I want you to know how much I love this little girl and how excited I am to say I am her dad.

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  1. Marcie Lynn { Feb 24, 2014 } Reply

    Congrats! What special pictures to have forever.

  2. These pictures are incredible and she is so beautiful!

  3. oooookay. now I want another baby. that photo of kate sleeping with taryn is so beautiful. well done, and congrats!

  4. laura patterson { Feb 24, 2014 } Reply

    You are an amazing photographer. Congrats BTW!! I absolutely love the picture of the mom crying with the tear rolling down her check!!! Iremember having the same feelings when mine were born. I could totally feel what she was feeling, the feeling of immediate love. Baby Kate is beautiful!

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