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America the Beautiful

I’ve said this before but the Haugen family, especially Harold, is a different kind of people. In my family we celebrate the 4th of July with barbeques, swimming, and fireworks. The Haugens, however, hang a 40 foot American flag across a 150 yard gap in the canyon behind their home. It was my privilege to follow them up document this tradition. It was so much fun, I hope they let me join them every year.

After you get through these photos you have to go check out their video on their site Something Devine
Also here are a few news reports about it. Fox or KSL
Remember the star post?
Haugen flag 01 Haugen flag 02 Haugen flag 03 Haugen flag 04 Haugen flag 05 Haugen flag 06 Haugen flag 07 Haugen flag 08 Haugen flag 09 Haugen flag 10 Haugen flag 11 Haugen flag 12 Haugen flag 13 Haugen flag 14 Haugen flag 15 Haugen flag 16 Haugen flag 17 Haugen flag 18 Haugen flag 19 Haugen flag 20Haugen flag 21 Haugen flag 22 Haugen flag 23 Haugen flag 24 Haugen flag 25 Haugen flag 26 Haugen flag 27 Haugen flag 28 Haugen flag 29 Haugen flag 30 Haugen flag 31 Haugen flag 32 Haugen flag 33 Haugen flag 34

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    browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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