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Janae and Cody – Winter Engagements

Utah Wedding Photographer 01 Utah Wedding Photographer 02 Utah Wedding Photographer 03 Utah Wedding Photographer 04 Utah Wedding Photographer 05 Utah Wedding Photographer 06 Utah Wedding Photographer 07 Utah Wedding Photographer 08 Utah Wedding Photographer 09 Utah Wedding Photographer 10 Utah Wedding Photographer 11 Utah Wedding Photographer 12 Utah Wedding Photographer 13 Utah Wedding Photographer 14 Utah Wedding Photographer 15 Utah Wedding Photographer 16 Utah Wedding Photographer 17 Utah Wedding Photographer 18 Utah Wedding Photographer 19 Utah Wedding Photographer 20 Utah Wedding Photographer 21 Utah Wedding Photographer 22

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Janae and Cody – Snowy Bridals

Utah Film Photographer 01 Utah Film Photographer 02 Utah Film Photographer 03 Utah Film Photographer 04 Utah Film Photographer 05 Utah Film Photographer 06 Utah Film Photographer 07 Utah Film Photographer 08 Utah Film Photographer 09 Utah Film Photographer 10 Utah Film Photographer 11 Utah Film Photographer 12 Utah Film Photographer 13 Utah Film Photographer 14 Utah Film Photographer 15 Utah Film Photographer 16 Utah Film Photographer 17 Utah Film Photographer 18 Utah Film Photographer 19

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Alyssa and David – SLC Wedding

People say it’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day. When it rained on my wedding day (June 28th, the driest day of the year) I was convinced that it was just something they say to calm people down. Alyssa and David needed no calming. They just embraced the rain and ended up having a beautiful wedding. It probably helps that Alyssa is from Seattle, where it’s illegal to complain about the rain.

LDS Wedding Photographer 01 LDS Wedding Photographer 02 LDS Wedding Photographer 03 LDS Wedding Photographer 04 LDS Wedding Photographer 05 LDS Wedding Photographer 06 LDS Wedding Photographer 07 LDS Wedding Photographer 08 LDS Wedding Photographer 09 LDS Wedding Photographer 10 LDS Wedding Photographer 11 LDS Wedding Photographer 12 LDS Wedding Photographer 13 LDS Wedding Photographer 14 LDS Wedding Photographer 15 LDS Wedding Photographer 16 LDS Wedding Photographer 17 LDS Wedding Photographer 18 LDS Wedding Photographer 19 LDS Wedding Photographer 20 LDS Wedding Photographer 21 LDS Wedding Photographer 22 LDS Wedding Photographer 23 LDS Wedding Photographer 24 LDS Wedding Photographer 25 LDS Wedding Photographer 26 LDS Wedding Photographer 27 LDS Wedding Photographer 28 LDS Wedding Photographer 29 LDS Wedding Photographer 30 LDS Wedding Photographer 31 LDS Wedding Photographer 32 LDS Wedding Photographer 33 LDS Wedding Photographer 34 LDS Wedding Photographer 35 LDS Wedding Photographer 36 LDS Wedding Photographer 37 LDS Wedding Photographer 38 LDS Wedding Photographer 39 LDS Wedding Photographer 40 LDS Wedding Photographer 41 LDS Wedding Photographer 42 LDS Wedding Photographer 43 LDS Wedding Photographer 44 LDS Wedding Photographer 45 LDS Wedding Photographer 46 LDS Wedding Photographer 47 LDS Wedding Photographer 48 LDS Wedding Photographer 49 LDS Wedding Photographer 50 LDS Wedding Photographer 51 LDS Wedding Photographer 52 LDS Wedding Photographer 53 LDS Wedding Photographer 54 LDS Wedding Photographer 55 LDS Wedding Photographer 56 LDS Wedding Photographer 57 LDS Wedding Photographer 58

Here is a link to their video by Robbins Creative:



Florals: Posies & Co
Food: Culinary Crafts
Video: Robbins Creative
Hair/Makeup: Alex Crabtree
Venue: Red Butte Gardens
DJ: Carter Hurst
Photos: Travis J Photography


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Alyssa and David – Seattle, Washington Engagements

I get asked a lot if I travel for weddings or other photo shoots. The answer is YES. Not only do I do it, but I really enjoy it. I feel that when I travel I tap into a new vein of creativity.

When Alyssa asked me to come out to her home in Seattle, Washington to take her engagement photos, we had a nice discussion about why the PNW (Pacific North West) is so magical, and it really is.

As you go through these images you’ll see why I love it so much.

If you live in this area or are just interested in shooting there, please give me a call!

Seattle Washington Photographer_01 Seattle Washington Photographer_02 Seattle Washington Photographer_03 Seattle Washington Photographer_04 Seattle Washington Photographer_05 Seattle Washington Photographer_06 Seattle Washington Photographer_07 Seattle Washington Photographer_08 Seattle Washington Photographer_09 Seattle Washington Photographer_10 Seattle Washington Photographer_11 Seattle Washington Photographer_12 Seattle Washington Photographer_13 Seattle Washington Photographer_14 Seattle Washington Photographer_15 Seattle Washington Photographer_16 Seattle Washington Photographer_17 Seattle Washington Photographer_18 Seattle Washington Photographer_19 Seattle Washington Photographer_20 Seattle Washington Photographer_21 Seattle Washington Photographer_22 Seattle Washington Photographer_23

A special thanks to the owner of the canoe who wasn’t home at the time. We would have asked nicely to borrow it had you been around.

Seattle Washington Photographer_24 Seattle Washington Photographer_25 Seattle Washington Photographer_26 Seattle Washington Photographer_27 Seattle Washington Photographer_28 Seattle Washington Photographer_29 Seattle Washington Photographer_30 Seattle Washington Photographer_31 Seattle Washington Photographer_32 Seattle Washington Photographer_33 Seattle Washington Photographer_34 Seattle Washington Photographer_35 Seattle Washington Photographer_36 Seattle Washington Photographer_37 Seattle Washington Photographer_38 Seattle Washington Photographer_39

No seriously though. Call me 801-792-9944.



  1. […] Florals: Posies & Co Food: Culinary Crafts Video: Robbins Creative Hair/Makeup: Alex Crabtree Venue: Red Butte Gardens DJ: Carter Hurst Photos: Travis J Photography […]

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Kylie and Christian – Utah Wedding

I really do have the greatest job. I get to spend the day outside with awesome people who become my good friends and help them remember one of the best days of their lives.

BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_01 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_02 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_03 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_04 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_05 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_06 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_07 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_08 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_09 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_10 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_11 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_12 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_13 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_14 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_15 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_16 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_17 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_18 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_19 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_20 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_21 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_22 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_23 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_24 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_25 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_26 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_27 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_28 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_29 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_30 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_31 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_32 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_33 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_34 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_35 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_36 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_37 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_38 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_39 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_40 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_41 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_42 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_43 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_44 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_45 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_46 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_47 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_48 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_49 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_50 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_51 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_52 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_53 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_54 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_55 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_56 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_57 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_58 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_59 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_60 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_61 BestUtahWeddingPhotographer_62

Vendor List:

Wedding Planner: Cheryl Burke

Florals: Julie Prince

Dress: Alta Moda

Band: Rob Benion Band

Make-up: Signature BridesAmy Blood

Venue: Thanksgiving Point

Cake: Annie Larrabe Cakes

Lighting: Nephi Lighting

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Lexi and Parker – Cecret Lake Bridals

LexParkBlog 1 LexParkBlog 2 LexParkBlog 3 LexParkBlog 4 LexParkBlog 5 LexParkBlog 6 LexParkBlog 7 LexParkBlog 8 LexParkBlog 9 LexParkBlog 10 LexParkBlog 11 LexParkBlog 12 LexParkBlog 13 LexParkBlog 14 LexParkBlog 15 LexParkBlog 16 LexParkBlog 17 LexParkBlog 18 LexParkBlog 19 LexParkBlog 20 LexParkBlog 21 LexParkBlog 22 LexParkBlog 23 LexParkBlog 25

Photography: Travis J Photography
Makeup artist: Jessica Craig with Jessica Marie Makeup
Florals: Allison Baddley with La Fete floral and events
Hair: Alyse Peterson with Hair by Alyse
Bride – Lexi Ogden
Groom – Parker Walbeck
Dress – BHLDN
Suit – True Gentleman

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Marissa & Dalton Deer Creek Engagements

MarissaBlog 1 MarissaBlog 2 MarissaBlog 3 MarissaBlog 4 MarissaBlog 5 MarissaBlog 6 MarissaBlog 7 MarissaBlog 8 MarissaBlog 9 MarissaBlog 10 MarissaBlog 11 MarissaBlog 12 MarissaBlog 13 MarissaBlog 14 MarissaBlog 15 MarissaBlog 16 MarissaBlog 17 MarissaBlog 18

Marissa and Dalton’s engagement session in Deer Creek, Utah

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Utah Bride Blog Summer Fashion 2015

I was so excited when Utah Bride Blog asked me to photograph their 2015 Summer Fashion section of their online magazine. Here is just an example of the fun we had.

Utah Bride Blog Fashion  1Utah Bride Blog Fashion  2 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  3 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  4 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  5 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  6 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  7 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  8 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  9 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  10 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  11 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  12 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  13 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  14 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  15 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  16 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  17 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  18 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  19 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  20 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  21 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  22 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  23 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  24 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  25 Utah Bride Blog Fashion  26

Check out more from this shoot in the magazine. MAGAZINE

Styling: Utah Bride Blog
Photography: Travis J Photography
Hair and Make-up: Flavia, Versa Artistry
Florals: Blooms and Blossoms; Studio Stems
Cake: Flour and Flourish
Dress: BHLDN; The Perfect Dress, Maggie Sottero; The Bride’s Shop; Avenia Bridal;
Suits: True Gentleman

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In my opinion, this is the way to do a maternity session. Hike up a steep trail to get to the top of a canyon. If anyone is tough enough to do this it’s you, Anne. Thank you Jessica for following us up and doing your magic with Makeup and Hair.
If you are up for an adventure photo session, whether it be a maternity, portrait, fashion, or whatever, give me a call.

Adventure Maternity session 01 Adventure Maternity session 02 Adventure Maternity session 03 Adventure Maternity session 04 Adventure Maternity session 05 Adventure Maternity session 06 Adventure Maternity session 07 Adventure Maternity session 08 Adventure Maternity session 09 Adventure Maternity session 10

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Mountain Bridal Inspiration – Featured on Magnolia Rouge

I’m so excited to finally share this awesome mountain bridal inspiration shoot. And thanks to Magnolia Rouge for featuring on their blog.
I think Utah’s rocky mountains made a beautiful backdrop to pull together the many stunning elements to this styled shoot. I hope to do more of these types of shoots that help feature the amazing talent and landscapes we have here in Utah.

Mountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah PhotographerMountain Weddding, Utah Photographer

Major thanks to these amazing vendors:

Florals/Table Styling: St. Thomas Floral Design – – @stthomasfloraldesign
Makeup/Hair: Brynn Thomas – – @brynnthomasmakeup
Paper Products: Wildfield Paper Co. – – @anniemertlich
Dress Provided by Avenia Bridal – – @aveniabridal
Suit: True Gentleman Supply co – – @truegentlemansupplyco
Cake: Flour and Flourish – – @flourandflourish

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